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Good things come in small packages…at least that’s what we think when it comes to our collection of pouches

From our travel pouches to Riviere pouches, to Cosette pouches and more, our assortment is full of sporty and girly styles that are perfect for all of your mini essentials.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our pouches are ideal for travel. Use them as a toiletry bag or a cosmetic pouch for your makeup and beauty must-haves.

The lightweight material allows these pouches to easily fit into a larger handbag, so you can keep these necessities close by. Say goodbye to odds and ends scattered around the bottom of your handbag.

Use our pouches to keep items safe, secure, and together, increasing organization and making your life easier.

Like all of our products, each pouch is constructed from a unique polyester/Lycra blend, giving it a highly durable yet lightweight feel. Scratch proof and flexible, our pouches are designed to last through the most wear and tear.

Their versatility is unmatched

Store whatever you need, for whatever occasion. And due to their stunning color, prints, and patterns, each pouch is beautiful enough to be carried as a standout piece.

Browse everything from rich neutrals to bright pops to color, animal prints, florals, metallics and more.

Our manufacturing approach is designed with sustainability in mind

Our pouches are handcrafted in Italy using premium materials and the most talented and skilled workforce. Out cruelty-free products are ideal for women who appreciate the ethics behind the aesthetics. Not only is each pouch a beautiful work of art, but it was crafted in a safe and fair manner.

Cruelty Free Save My Bag

A premium fabric that is a breeze to keep clean

Pouches withstand a great deal of use, but that doesn’t mean that they’re resistant to a bit of dirt from time to time. Thankfully, our premium fabric is a breeze to keep clean and completely hand washable.

Pouches truly are a convenient and practical component to any woman’s handbag collection. From wristlets to clutches to pouches, their versatile design means you can never own just one.

It’s easy to underestimate the small things in life…but when it comes to handbags, it’s all about the little details. Our pouches pack a serious punch—one you cannot miss.

Elevate your mini bag game with our creative and classic pouch styles today!